mta robotics ag


mta robotics AG has over 50 years of experience in the development and realization of high-precision production machines for various industries. These include automotive, electronics, medical, energy/water, defence, watchmaking and industrial applications.

Thanks to our highly qualified employees, we are process specialist in the soldering and dispensing domains.

Under our mta® brand, we globally commercialize selective soldering and volumetric dispensing machines.

As a result, our comprehensive product range includes: components, simple manual systems, semi-automated table-top robots as well as fully automated turnkey production cells.

Our soldering machines improve quality, consistency and throughput compared to hand-soldering. We offer various soldering technologies such as iron, induction, microflame or laser depending on the application.

Whether for one, two or multi-components, with low to high viscosity and filled materials, our dispensing machines achieve a perfect repeatability of micro-volumes. They support a variety of process such as gluing, adhesive bonding, sealing, potting, conformal coating, greasing, dam & fill and globtop.

Tailored to suit specific applications and processes, our machines are equipped with the appropriate dispenser. These dispensers are based on various technologies, including the eccentric screw pump, piston-cylinder pump, jetting or cartridge.

More information about our culture, infrastructure and history of mta robotics ag is available below.


For years, our passion has driven us to create innovative and reliable machines and products in the precision micromechanics domain.

Our knowledge and strength provide us with the ability to find solutions at the cutting edge of what is technically possible. At the same time, we can industrialize the chosen solutions, while ensuring their quality and reliability.

The customer’s point of view is also at the heart of our technical choices; giving our engineers the chance to create unique products based on the specific requirements submitted to us.

Customer needs are therefore firmly rooted in our business culture which focuses on five essentials values:

The topography of the land on which our premises are built enabled the creation of a large roof sweeping up to the hill. Concealed beneath this roof are the factory and offices, stratgically minimizing their visual impact on the site. From the offices, a panoramic view extends over the hills, while the factory and parking/delivery areas remain hidden below. Visitors access the premises through the roof, giving them with an opportunity to appreciate the scenic landscapes as they walk up the slope and admire the impressive scale of the stainless steel roof. This work received a special mention at the 2002 AMO awards.

In adition to our avant-garde building, we provide optimum working conditions thanks to the modern infrastructure of our offices, assembly hall and IT system. We have three research and development laboratories focusing on the fields of: soldering, dispensing and vision technologies.

A fully-equipped fitness room with state-of-the-art installations is open to all employees. A personalized training program, tailored to each individual employee, is prepared free of charge by a qualified sports coach.

2024New company name
The company name is changed from Unitechologies SA to mta robotics AG.
2020Company realignment
Realignment of Unitechnologies global strategy. The Sysmelec Business Unit is sold to IMA Automation Switzerland SA. This allows Unitechnologies SA to focus on its strategic challenges and the anticipated growth in its mta® activities.
2016mta 50th
mta® brand celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2014sylas launch
Launch of the sylas® platform range for the 3D laser surface processing.
mta automation ag and Sysmelec SA merge. The new corporate name becomes Unitechnologies SA. The brands/trademarks mta® and Sysmelec® are registered.
2012sysmelec 30th
Sysmelec celebrates its 30th anniversary.
2009mta inc. founding
Founding of mta automation inc. in the US.
2006mta 40th
mta automation celebrates its 40th anniversary.
2005FEEL launch
Launch of the new Sysmelec “FEEL” product line, including studies and engineering.
2003RC500 robotic cell
Introduction of the mta automation RC500 robotic cell which replaces the ECO cell. The same software as the TR300 table-top robot is used.
2002Building inauguration
Official inauguration of the building in Gals.
2002New premises move
mta automation and Sysmelec move to the group’s new premises
2000TR300 table-top robot
The mta automation TR300 table-top robot replaces the L/C robot. The TR300 uses a Windows interface and a touch screen for programming and setting.
2000unitechnologies group
Founding of the unitechnologies group and integration of mta automation ag and Sysmelec SA.
1999US market
mta automation enters the US market.
1996YAG laser
mta automation is the first company to use a laser (YAG). This replaces the Soft-Beam for infrared ray soldering.
19951-micron robot
Industrialization of the first “1 micron” Sysmelec robot.
1995L/C table-top robot
Launch of the mta automation table-top robot L/C for semi-automated soldering and dispensing operations.
1994mta deutschland founding
Founding of mta automation deutschland gmbh.
1994Soft-Beam technology
mta automation is one of the first companies to present a soldering robot, using Soft-Beam technology.
19942K dispensing technology
mta automation introduces dispensing technology for two-component products. Its dynamic mixing chamber is patented.
1992Micro-dispensing launch
Launch of the micro-dispensing sector for mta automation.
1992First assembly line
Realization of the first Sysmelec assembly line for microsystems.
1990ECO robotic cell
Launch of the mta automation ECO standard robotic cell for automatic soldering. This cell is entirely manufactured in-house.
1998Vision inspection
Realization of the first Sysmelec robotic assembly machine guided by vision.
1982Sysmelec founding
Founding of Sysmelec SA.
1976mta customized machine
Launch of the mta automation “customized machines” for the assembly of micro-technical parts.
1966mta automation founding
Founding of mta automation ag. The main activities include the design, production and marketing of equipment for the watchmaking industry.