Typical dispensing applications

Typcial dispensing applications

With over 30 years of experience, mta robotics is a leader in volumetric dispensing processes for liquid, low to high viscosity material and filled material.
Whether it is for materials such as sealant, adhesive, gap filler, thermal conductive paste, solvent-based medium, grease, oil or metal filled paste, we offer the perfect dispensing solution.

We have realized more than 1’000 mta machines in a variety of dispensing markets and applications.
Typical dispensing applications include potting, dot and & line dispensing, glob-top dispensing, dripping and lubrication.

Our automated and digitized world is inconceivable without electronic components such as sensors, control devices, capacitors and printed circuit boards.

Precise and repeatable adhesive bonding, sealing and potting processes play a significant role in protecting electronic components against harmful effects such as moisture, extreme temperatures, dust or abrasive media.

It is important to involve the system and material manufacturers in the product development stage to ensure the coordinate optimal functionality of the electronic device.

mta robotics develops the ideal solution for current and future trends in electronics manufacturing.

electronics typical dispensing applications


optoelectronics industry

Volumetric dispensing is a key technology in the optoelectronic field. It enables the precise application of liquid and high-viscosity materials with mono- or two-components based on polyurethane, silicone, or epoxy.

The optoelectronic industry is aggressively miniaturizing components.  Concequently, it demands technology that can accurately dispense smaller quantities of adhesive.

The mta product portfolio offers process-reliable solutions that can dispense very small quantities of adhesive precisely with high repeatability.

The automotive industry demands high volume and quality as much as ever.  Today’s cars have electronics embedded in nearly every aspect of the driver experience to improve safety, comfort, and efficiency.

The electronics installed in vehicles are exposed to a variety of threats (high temperatures, moisture, vibrations) as well as media (fuel, brake fluids, oil). Sealing and potting material precisely tailored to application ensures reliable protection of cased electronics.

Against the background of large quantities and highly automated manufacturing, the mta dispensing systems are characterized by precise and repeatable potting results, even in the case of a high part throughput.

automotive dispensing typical applications


watchmaking industry

The mechanics of high-quality and precise watches require special protection against moisture. mta robotics is able to apply mono- or two-component adhesives to complex 2D and 3D contours before joining the watch glasses.

As a long-standing partner of the watch industry, mta robotics offers process-reliable solutions for dispensing minute quantities of adhesive precisely with high repeatability.

Medical technology is subject to strict quality requirements and standards. Therefore, reliable and repeatable production processes are essential.

Among many markets and typical dispensing applications, mta robotics has vast experience in dispensing material for a wide range of medical technologies, for example: pacemakers, surgical tools, medical pumps, an etc.

mta robotics has a well-equipped dispensing laboratory for testing materials and processes prior to placing the order. Additionally, we are able to produce a series of parts prior to delivery.

medical industry


pharma typical dispensing applications

The pharmaceutical industry uses a wide range of material viscosities. Liquid media and suspensions must be hygienically applied with extreme precision. Some pharmaceutical products contain solids for example: pastes, gels, and creams.  These require low-shear dispensing systems so that the properties of the material are not adversely affected.

mta’s volumetric dispensing systems can be used regardless the product viscosity. All materials in contact with the dispensing device are passive and chemically neutral (FDA-compatible).

Due to their compact design, we are able to integrate high-precision dispensing pumps in multi-row filling production systems.