mta robotics typical soldering application

Typcial soldering applications

mta robotics has over 50 years of experience with more than 2,700 mta selective soldering robots installed worldwide. We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of point to point selective soldering solutions and a reliable partner for several industries such as: electronics, optoelectronics, automotive, watchmaking, medical and many others.

Electronics play an ever-increasing role in our daily lives. Soon, it will be difficult to find products that do not have some form of sensors or control devices.

Furthermore, we see an increasing trend to use a variety of technologies within the same product. SMT components mix with through-hole components. Electronic components reside on the same board as mechanical components. Rigid boards intertwine with flexible circuits.

mta’s selective soldering robots are ideal for mixed technologies because they allow manufacturers to tailor the process to each solder joint.

typical soldering applications in electronics industry


optoelectronics industry

The optoelectronic industry is aggressively miniaturizing components. Therefore, manufacturers need innovative solutions to connect very sensitive components in smaller spaces.

mta’s laser soldering robots suit these typical soldering applications very well. Laser soldering is precise, fast and offers the added advantage of being a non-contact laser.

The automotive industry demands high volume and quality as much as ever. Today’s cars have electronics embedded in nearly every aspect of the driver experience to improve safety, comfort and efficiency. Moreover, manufactures are making significant upgrades to these highly functional electronics yearly – not between generations as before.

mta’s selective soldering robots have exceeded the industry’s stringent uptime and quality requirements for decades. They are extremely reliable both in terms of uptime and process control. Furthermore, the soldering robots easily adapt to product changes thanks to user-friendly software.

typical soldering applications in optoelectronics industry


watchmaking industry

mta robotics has a long-standing partnership with the watch industry. Our machines provide process-reliable solutions for a wide range of tasks.  For example, the induction soldering heads are used in the assembly of bracelets and watch cases. The laser soldering is used for in high-precision assembly.

The medical industry is subject to strict quality requirements and standards. Therefore, they depend on reliable and repeatable production processes and inline controls.

Unitechnologies has extensive experience soldering a variety of medical products to stringent requirements. Our laser and induction soldering technologies deliver contact-free heat that is especially useful when working with sensitive components. Example of typical soldering applications include medical pressure sensors, medical pumps, implantable products, and etc.

typical soldering applications in medical industry